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APE File Ripper

Ape Ripper is an APE music CD image file ripper that splits large files into separate mp3, APE, WAV files to other audio file formats such as VOX, g726 and g723. APE is a compressed digtal music file that is copied into a CD. APE files package all the tracks contained to a single compressed image file. A CUE file, which contains the information of every compressed track comes along with the APE file. Ape Ripper is an easy to use program with a user-friendly interface that has "skins". The skins are interchangeable, with 11 skins to choose from. Features of Ape Ripper include support for exporting files in mp3, wav, ape, vox, g726, and g723 file formats and supports ID3v2 and ID3v2 tagging for mp3 files. ID3 tags are collected from APE and CUE files automatically. Aside from those, users can customize output bitrate from 8Kbps to high quality 320 Kbps and change the mp3 quality of the output file. Ape Ripper supports automatic folder and file name creation complete with album title, artist, track number and title. Ape Ripper operates on Windows Vista and lower orpeating systems and has multi-language support.

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